5 RV Winter Storage Tips

Owning a recreational vehicle is nice, but if you don’t take the proper steps to protect the vehicle when winter rolls around, it may not be there to enjoy for as long as you’d like. Winterizing your recreational vehicle austin tx is important to protect it from the harsh weather and cold temperatures the season brings. To ensure that your RV is well protected, use the five tips below this winter season.

1.    RV Storage Center: There are professional storage centers that allow you to rent space to store your RV. The costs vary but are usually pretty reasonable. Do take the time to compare should you want to use one of these facilities.

2.    Clean the RV; before you put the RV up for the winter months, clean it. You should give the vehicle a bath to remove exterior dirt and debris, and give the inside a nice cleaning as well. This prevents many problems and makes you feel better, too.

3.    Be sure to check the appliances in the unit and the plumbing system. It is also a good idea to drain the pipes to avoid and problems with freezing.

4.    Purchase an RV cover that is sized for your RV and place it over the vehicle. Be sure to purchase separate tire covers for added protection. These covers are inexpensive and provide such great protection you don’t want to be without them.

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5.    Keep an eye on the RV throughout the winter. Do not store it and think that all is well. Keep a watchful eye on the RV and if you notice anything unusual, take the vehicle into a professional for service.

Use the tips above to keep your RV looking great throughout the winter, as well as protected from the harsh weather elements. It is well worth the efforts and you’ll be glad you protected the RV when all is said and done.

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